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sophia1 Sophia John was Slipknot’s first manager and played a big role in the band’s rise to fame.

Who is Sophia John?
Sappy compliments ensue: Sophia is the brain behind the music here. Her knowledge of Modern Rock and Alternative music (among many other types as well) have unquestionably brought KKDM the successes and popularity it’s received in Iowa, and literally around the world! I doubt there’s anyone in the midwest who’s more connected to the music industry than Sophia! Hence, more promotional CDs & concert tickets to give away, more big-name acts and promotional events (ie: Lollapalooza & Bush Bowl ’96). So, join Sophia John every weekday afternoon. Enjoy the music!

Sophia John, Music Director, Assistant Program Director, Afternoons 3-7PM.

I’m 100% Greek, a Cleveland native, I have an attitude problem, and I love music. My mother wanted me to be a banker, and my father wanted me to be a chiropractor, and all I knew was that I loved music. I was in my third year in college at UNL, Nebraska. Major: Undeclared. Daydreaming in class that I was 40 years old, married with four kids. Sitting on the couch with a flower-print fringe cover, sewing dingy white socks with holes, and this hairy, horny bastard of a husband came home from work and said, “What’s for dinner honey?”.

sophia3xAnd that’s all I would have to show for my life at the age of 40. So, I took a class in broadcasting and fell in love with the music, and radio, and decided I could get up every morning for the rest of my life and go to work, and be happy about it. I’m a freak for Elvis Costello, NIN and Body Count, and at the same time, Cat Stevens, Luka Bloom, Live. 7 Mary 3 and Sister Soleil appeal to me too.

Music Trivia is my game, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me, or leave email (I need to learn that). Don’t be a stranger, and remember, Dee Jays go to the bathroom just like everyone else does.

Rock On…,

Sophia John.
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