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Dogfish Rising

There’s a dog loose in the wood
Dogfish rising,
It’s good for gnawing,
Right wing interlude,
In the 1990s
Thats got a nice groove to it there.
I saw a human hand,
Windmills like two,
Something at my left,
Screaming to fulfill
(Big scary muscles)
Post sniff scrunchies
What the fuck?
Dogfish rising
Burn them for their nipples
Another rubber Rolex
So skinny I knows
Who wrote these fucking lyrics?
Battery-powered power tool
Black & Decker dildos
Fully-covered pockets
Pop it with… ohhh…
God spoke to me!
Dogfish rising
Blistering cabbage
Poor fish-dog-thing
Poor thing crawls
Why take free lotion?
Back off fuck-head!
Redneck percussion
Dogfish rising
Cum are hard
Pinpoint penis blood
Quarter-inch off fat
What are you laughing at?
Fuck it!
That dogfish is dead
I’m getting out of here guys
See you later
Have a good life
Don’t even bother trying to watch this
It pours the lotion on the skin
It pours the lotion on the skin
Yes, Mr. Burns?
Bring me this band..
Crusty, fuzzy nuts


Dogfish Rising is the song at the end of the samples, which is right after Killers Are Quiet. It’s an actual song. A stupid, badly recorded, joke-song, but it IS an actual song. A lot of it is hard to understand because Anders is usually talking about nothing and by the end of the song they have added in audio bites ranging from what sounds like Dr. Demento, to The Simpsons , to Silence of the Lambs (quoting the part when the girl is in the well)

The Simpsons samples they used:
Mr. Burns: Smithers!
Smithers: Yes Mr. Burns
Mr. Burns: Bring me this band..

Joey plays the guitar, and he set up the Bass Drum, Snare, and a Symbol and plays them. Josh plays bass. Some of the guest singers include:
1st guest: Paul
2nd guest: Frank Plumley (gay sounding)
3rd guest: Sean McMahon (crazy voice guy)
4th guest: Paul again (stuttering)
At the end: Crahan does his Buffalo Bill impersonation.