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1.) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I hope. Anyway, Chris… I’ve been dying to know anything like this. Some of the guys have their bands and projects. Do you see yourself branching off into something different from Slipknot in any way and if so, when would any of that be heard of? By Mr X

A:I have a side project in the works right now with Aaron Peltz from On A Pale Horse, Wade, Paul and Jake from Tyler Thompson and Paul Ill from the Juliet Lewis Band called Thunderbolt Gasoline. We’ve got an 8 song demo out right now just for us, but it is just a work in progress and it should be late next year. It’s greasy fucking rock and roll.

2.) Have you ever felt differently to the rest of the band on how a song should be played? (e.g. rhythm, guitar riffs, drum fills etc.) And if so, how would you convince the rest of the band to change it? By sempiternal

A: A lot of times I’ll just say how I think it should go, and then, in my own way, I tell them it’s stupid, and most of the time it doesn’t fly. I’ll just mimic it in a funny way and I’ll do it every time if I think the part is funny or sucks.

3.) The introduction to Eeyore is supposedly you’re initiation, care to give us any clues as to what exactly is happening, other than just information on the selection of porn? By thepaleone

A: It wasn’t really an initiation. I have a weak gag reflex, and it had to do with a lot of poop and 40s of Bud Light.

4.) Greetings Chris I felt that the percussion section was underused on the last album, IOWA. Is there any plan on bringing the percussion more to the forefront or maybe having a percussion driven song on the next record? By Angel with the Scabbed Wings

A: That was one of Rick Rubin’s main focuses on this new record. There are songs already with like 30 snare drums that the 3 drummers played on. We really took our time with the percussion on this record, a lot of different instruments were played, whether they make the record or not we don’t know yet. Every avenue was explored and everything in the studio was beat on for sounds for this record. It’s tough sometimes to find a place to fit in with Joey but we really took our time so you would know for sure that there were other drummers playing during the songs.

5.)Chris you are one sic motherfucker. Who’s your best friend in the band? And whom do you usually collaborate with when you write your parts for the songs? By CtrlAltDelYOU

A:I don’t have a best friend in the band. As far as collaboration, I usually collaborate with Shawn and Joey.

6.) As someone who tends to shy away from the media to an extent, how do you cope with the mass recognition Slipknot have received at certain high points in your career? By MFKR1

You can’t really tell who I am behind the mask. My hair doesn’t show, I’m average sized (except down low) so people think I’m one of the techs or the bus driver. So be careful if you’re asked by someone at a Slipknot show if you enjoyed it because it might be me.

7.) Lots of people say that only Joey is needed as a drummer in the band. You along with Shawn sometimes get stick for this. What have you got to say about this subject? By EricZ

A: On this new record you’ll better be able to see what we actually do as percussionists in this band and how it adds to the dynamics of the songs. Joey is also an amazing drummer and probably could hold down the band on his own, however if I was to watch a band, I’d want as many psychos on the stage to watch as possible. This band was started with the percussionists in mind, and a lot of songs were written around the additional percussion. It just wouldn’t be Slipknot without it

8.)I’ve always wondered Chris, what the real you is like compared to that big nosed crazy bastard we see on stage, is there another side to number 3? Or is it just constant mayhem? By stadidas

A: You know the other side is just a normal kid that’s a Slayer fan. I love going to concerts, flirting with chicks, and shooting my 12 gauge.

9.) So… Chris: The new album was initially supposed to some out October this year, then the release was pushed to April/march 2004 and now it’s set on may/June… Why all these delays? What takes so much time? Recording? Mixing? Tell us. By Rhiannon

A: We’re recording the Dark Side of the Moon of heavy metal. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

10.) If you were to sum up the recording process from the self titled album to Iowa and to the upcoming 2004 release, how has the bands relationship changed internally between each band member and externally towards the media, roadrunners records, Ross Robinson, side projects etc By xMetalMan666x

A: We’ve grown up a lot since we left Iowa back in 1999. We know what’s important to us right now, and right now it’s the new record. Slipknot is the band for the 9 of us and everybody knows that. The side projects are great, there’s a lot of talented guys in the band, with a lot of musical tastes. But we all know without Slipknot none of that would be anything. So Slipknot is basically like riding a bicycle, once we all got back on we remembered how to ride.

11.) Chris, I was wondering if you would be making any new changes to your mask or not and if you could tell us what they would look like that would be awesome By DJ_Starscream1

A: As of right now, no. But if I was to do it, instead of the nose there would be a vagina.

12.) Do you think that this will be the final album for slipknot, or are you guys in it for the long haul? With side projects and all, it seems as if the end is near. By ODi

A: Of course that is discussed between band members, what are we going to do? How long are we going to be together? Everyone in the band wants to ride this to the end. Never once has anyone said, “This is my last record I’m doing with this band”. There is some time apart with the side projects now, but once again when we’re all together it’s exciting and we know what we want to do.

13.) Your final comments for the members of lol

A: Stay sic and get ready for Slipknot in 2004!