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1.) Explain or describe what it was like to play your first slipknot show and what does it mean to you now. By Mr X

A: It was like a rite of passage, you know? Everyone had known me in Stone Sour for so long that it was a bit of a culture shock, and so many people were used to Andy singing that they were kind of going “Alright, fucker, show me something”. Thankfully I did.
Now it’s like walking through fire every night. Baptized when I come out the other side. Weird.

2.) Corey, did you ever feel intimidated during your early days in Slipknot? Perhaps you felt you were treading on someone else’s turf due to what the band had accomplished before your arrival? By sempiternal

A: No, I wasn’t so much intimidated as I was determined. Like I said, everyone was so used to Andy that I knew I had to step it up and show everybody this was the right decision.

3.) Seriously, how was it performing with slipknot back before you/they were famous as opposed to performing with them now? By thepaleone

A: Uhhhh… didn’t I just answer that?

4.) Corey, what made IOWA a brutal album during recording and explain the distant feelings between the members, unlike the S/T album that as it is said, was more fun to record? By Angel with the Scabbed Wings

A: I think it was a combination of ego and pressure. Ego, because we had done what no one thought could be done, and pressure to capitalize and do it all over again. It was a very dark period for the band, not just towards each other, but because of outside forces that would come back and try to destroy us, i.e. our ex-managers and whatnot. They obviously failed.

5.) How much of the “I don’t know if there will be another Slipknot album” war of words between certain members of the band was honest and how much of it was for publicity? By CtrlAltDelYOU

A: It was ALL honest. For a second, the band didn’t really exist as we knew it. Bottom line is, we needed to change, not only as a band, but also in the ways we ran this band. If we had kept going the way we were, we wouldn’t be here today.

6.) Can you give us a rundown of some of the new tracks for the new album and a little taste (description) of what to expect from each of these songs? By MFKR1


7.) What is your reaction to the recent RIAA decision to legally prosecute people who download music from the internet, and which side of the legal battle are you on? By EricZ

A: I don’t know, really. I mean on one hand, it IS theft, whether people want to cope to it or not, but on the other hand, sometimes it is the only way for some people to get their hands on certain music, i.e. people in South America who can only get music through the black market, but have to pay an arm and a leg for it.
I think it takes the ritual out of the experience, which is a fucking shame.

8.) I would like to know how you feel about recent leaked tracks containing your vocal tracks of MFKR lyrics i.e Gently and Only One? By stadidas

A: I don’t really give a shit. You can find those on our albums as well, so who cares?

9.) Do you remember being made to sign a big giant cock on a ‘Clockwork orange’ poster in Birmingham U.K this year? By Rhiannon

A: Yeah, I just saw pictures of that on the Net!

10.) Do you have any plans for new members, or are any members leaving slipknot? By xMetalMan666x

A: As long as we are a band, no one is leaving. When one person leaves, it’s time to call it a day. End of story.

11.) Will any of the older stone sour material be re-released? – There are some classics there. By DJ_Starscream1

A: We are currently compiling material for the new SS album as we speak (god, I’m busy) and some of the older stuff will more than likely be rerecorded. We’ve got enough new and old material to release ten albums, so stay tuned.

12.) Corey, your lyrics have always been known to be passionate and meaningful in nature, what is your stimulus(‘s) for writing these? By ODi

A: Life and the pursuit of humanity, whatever that is.

(Sneaky 13th question) Can you hook us up with any other sk members lol

A: Alright, no more questions…