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How did On A Pale Horse Originally become a band?

We were already Painface.
We just adopted a new philosophy for how we wanted to express our music.

Who initially came up with the name “On A Pale Horse”, and what does it mean?

On A Pale Horse was the title I came up with for a song we’d written for Painface. Shawn (Klown) thought we should name the new band after it. We agreed.

When you first became the vocalist did it feel comfortable?

Since I’d been the vocalist with these guys for a few years already, it felt normal.

Did you automatically bond with the band?

Ditto the above.

When developing lyrics, what did you have in mind?

Shedding old skin, new beginnings, rebirth. Being one with death. All that fun stuff.

When did you know that On A Pale Horse, were a band, and not just a couple of friends jamming?

As soon as we recorded “Salvation”.

How was this band, compare with earlier bands, such as Painface and Slipknot?

Musically, it was much more relaxed. Heavier in a more mature way than the others.
Music you can sit back, drink a beer, and zone out to, or music you can go nuts and beat people up to.

When did you first start to things were not going right with you and On A Pale Horse?

We’d all had our differences about things, as we are all different people.

What initially made you leave the band?

They were going to quit the band. I offered to leave the band instead, so that they could continue to make the beautiful music they’d been making. They agreed.

What has been your most memorable live show?

There’s been several. Dotfest 1 in Ankeny, Iowa with Slipknot in front of 18,000 people.
The 1999 Battle of the Bands at Supertoad in Des Moines – we won(Painface), and there were about 800 people going crazy. Plus, just about every show with Horse. I was just spiritually IN that music.

What Was your Highlight of OAPH?

Every time we played Salvation & Harvest live.

Where do you see On A Pale Horse without you?

Down the street at the practice place. LOL. They’re doing their own thing, and having fun. I’m happy for them.

Do you have any regrets about leaving the band?

I had no choice. Plenty of regrets, but I had no choice.

In your own words, describe your experience with On A Pale Horse

Work. Confusion. Spirituality. Confusion. Fun. Finally understanding.

Full Name – Andrew Rouw
D.O.B – 04-15-1972
Born and bred – Hatched.
Favourite band – Acid Bath, Led Zeppelin
Favourite Song – The Hangman’s Daughter: Agents Of Oblivion
First CD – Primus-Sailing The Seas of Cheese.
First Concert attended – Aerosmith & Guns ‘n Roses-their first tour
Influences – Daks Riggs, Black Sabbath, everyday life.
First job – Paperboy in Beaverdale.
Last job – Office Manager at my father-in-laws Optical Laboratory.
Favourite tattoo – My wife’s dragon on the back of her neck.
Favourite Film – Oooh. This is tough. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Followed by the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

-Interview by David Pritt aka Random Hero UK 2003