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What is the main difference, of working with Andy, and Aaron, and who do/did you like working with best!

I worked with Andy for a lot of years through Painface and through
the couple years we spent together in the Horse before he departed.
Andy is a vocalist and pretty much that’s what he knows. The guy is good
at what he does but is limited to that area, and in that area. As a
vocalist/lyricist he always did his part as best he could.

As for Aaron, I have known Aaron and always followed the bands he has
been in through the past, just for that fact that he is one talented
guy. Since his arrival at the Horse Camp, I have realized just HOW talented
the guy is. He isn’t only a vocalist, his music style and our music style
as a band just matched from the first day. I don’t think there was ever
a question as to if he fit or not after the first audition. The entire
band are well rounded musicians and to have a vocalist that is well
rounded and kicking down the same path as us is very important. Oh and
hes pretty fucking funny too! kiikiikii

Hope that answered your Q!

Jeremy, The album, songs and band title, who invents them? Do they have meanings behind them? Did you have any other names for the tracks or album which got discarded?

On A Pale Horse does, And On A Pale Horse,if you don’t know by now,
is one of the old Painface songs. The old PF song and what the band
stands for however is not in any way,shape, or form connected or have
anything to do with each other.

As for the song writing and process, I think if you came to a practice
you would be surprised how much input comes from each person in the
band for each song. Each and everyone of us bring riffs to the table
and go from there. We are unstoppable when it comes to writing. We probably
have about 30 songs lingering around us right now. Hell we might release
3 albums in 2004, just to say we did it. Everyone in Horse are musicians
and song writers. That’s what I love about the guys!!!!

Jeremy – Tell us are the band seeking to be signed to a record label, and what is the process that the band takes in order to get their music outside Des Moines?

First part of question= Sure, why not.

Second part of question… Playing lots of shows and talking alot!!
We might be able to hook up with some distribution in the future, for
now though we are selling and promoting the shit out of our CD to get
it in the hands of everyone we can, so thier friends can hear it too.
I am personally building the site right now for the Streetteam , which
will be a major part in promoting ourselves. We are getting as many
people as we can to be a part of the upbringing of the Horse, the more
people we can get involved ,the more people will hear. Thats what matters

Jeremy, the title of your debut “Black is not the darkest colour”, it’s an awesome title, how did it come up ? and who’s idea was it?

I don’t know what the darkest color is, but I’ve heard its not black. And its more of a quote than an idea, Ill leave it at that!

If you had a choice as to which record company you got signed to which would it be?

Any company that will actually promote the band and treat the band
like humans not sheep. I have seen to many really good bands that could
of made it and went down in history, lose their asses because the label
couldn’t really do what they needed to for the band.

Jeremy, At the shows I’ve been able to go to you guys have started out with what kind of sounds like a blues jam. Is that completely on the spot or is it a song?

Yes, its on the spot. At the core of it all , On A Pale Horse is
a Rock/Blues and Jam band. We as a band really flow together, I usually
start the jam and we just roll from there. Most of the time we can tell
where were going next or how intense were gonna go on the riff without
looking at one another. Hell sometimes at our practices we just walk
in and one guy starts a jam and an hour of so later it just dies out
slowly.At the end of the jam we just sigh and leave. It some serious
fucking chemistry… let me tell yah!!!!!!!!

Are any songs on the album of Anders’ creation if so how many?

No, One song name(the flood) stayed the same, but only the name. The
vocals/meaning put behind the song since Aaron joined is totally different.
No lyrics that were wrote by Andy are in any of the material that we play.

Jeremy, you get to tour with 2 bands (doesn’t have to be around anymore) Who would they be and why?

Obviously the first band on my list to tour with is the ALL MIGHTY CLUTCH! but if I had to name 2 more… It wouldnt be fair to the elders not to at least name them both, but here they are…
CCR and Black Sabbath

Jeremy, What’s your favorite song on the album and why? Can’t wait to get the cd!

I love them all, and my favorite will always change with my attitude
for that day. My favorite right now I would have to say is meadows,but
the flood usually always stays up there, it has lots of meaning and
I feel the depth of it everytime we play it, or I hear it.

Jeremy – Are you going to bring your Clutch self-titled(with “Escape from the prison planet” on it) cd to practice tonight for me to borrow and if not… why?

I loaned my copy I got signed the night we played with them to Brandon
over a year ago and havent seen it since. So if you see this Brandon…
Get a hold of my fat ass one of these days!!!!!! LOL

-Interview by MFKRboard 2004