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1. Q; If you travel back to ’92 how did the idea of a band come together between you and Corey? Can you tell us little bit about that time?

A; A friend of ours named Denny introduced Corey and I. Denny played guitar and wanted he and I to join but as time went on, Corey and I had a clear vision of what we wanted and he seemed to be on a different page so we continued on. Not long after that, we met Shawn for bass and we went through alot of Guitar players for some time. I found the name Stone Sour in a drink menu at a bar in West Des Moines Iowa

2. Q; When did you begin to play drums and who was/were your biggest inspiration?

A; I was in fifth grade when I started beating the drums and Tommy Lee was my hero !

3. Q; Do you play any other instruments besides the drum kit?

A; I play the Guitar as well for fun or when I’m trying to write

4. Q; What is your favorite Stone Sour track of all time?

A; Blotter, that song slams live

5. Q; What is your favorite Stone Sour track to play live?

A; Idle Hands or Blotter

6. Q; Seeing that the debut album included both re-worked ‘old’ material from the past aswell as some new stuff, how was it like to start working with the guys again in 2001 on the record?

A; We picked up where we left off like we didn’t miss a thing. The chemistry was always there

7. Q; Knowing that you and Corey are old friends, did you ever expect him to get to where he’s at right now?

A; I knew he was very talented back then but didn’t think it would carry this far

8. Q; Did you know any of the Stone Sour guys (including ex-members) when you were kids?

A; No, I met Corey first then everyone else after that

9. Q; You have a new musical project now going on am I correct? Tell us a little bit about that please

A; The band is called ISAAC JAMES we have been together for over two years now and the shows are going great. The crowds are growing fast and loving the live show. This band throws down on stage! We recorded a five song EP out now called Too Much Horse Power and is on I Tunes

10. Q; What are your thoughts on Roy Mayorga taking over the Stone Sour drum throne? And what are your thoughts on his work on the ‘Come What(ever) May’ album aswell as his previous work with other bands from the past?

A; Roy is doing a great job with the guys in SS and he is also a great person. I wish him all the best !

11. Q; What kind of drum set do you play?

A; Tama Starclassic

12. Q; Something I’ve always wondered about. Who’s brilliant idea was it to open the SS shows from the first touring cycle with the awesome Clockwork Orange theme?

A; Lou Brutus from Hard Drive gave us some ideas and that was one of them

13. Q; How do you like your corn flakes, do you like them crispy and craunchy or soft milk absorbed or.. ?

A; LOL soft milk absorbed of course

14. Q; Stone Sour are now recording their 3rd full length down in Nashville. Have you had the chance to hear any of the new stuff? If so how is the motherfucker sounding?

A; Havent heard anything yet but can’t wait to hear it !

15. Q: I’d like to ask if your band has any prospects for national releases, cd’s music videos, ect. – from The Grater Vayne (mfkrboard member)

A; Isaac James has the five song EP you can buy on i tunes or cd baby

16. Q; If you could be a drummer in any band past or present, who would it be? – from Random Hero UK (mfkrboard admin)

A; —————————–I have to go with Motley Crue back in the day ! One hell of a live show and I want to do a drum solo in that cage he spun in during the girls, girls girls tour

17. Q; Thank you Joel for taking your time to answer these questions, it’s been a real honor. I wish you all the best of luck with your new project and future plans. Peace out bro

A; Thanks man !

Isaac James band –

-Interview by Finnur/Master of Crowz of & (May 2010)