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1.) What do you think about this site, and the way it digs into slipknot’s past, and the downloads section. By Rhiannon

I think it’s all fine. All of you have every right to find out as much as you can about this band who decided to put their lives on public display by being a part of the entertainment industry.

2.) What are you doing with your life now? By Baboon Rape Party

I’m working and taking care of my family. Nothing too interesting at the moment, but I’m an opportunist. Things could pop up in a hurry.

3.) Are you still playing percussion? By Richtor Von Guyler

No. I get the urge to every now and then, though. I played drums from about 1981 to around 1991.

4.) How did Slipknot change when you guys started to wear masks for your concerts back in 1997? By myplague

Only a couple of us wore masks for the first few shows. We were in debate over whether everyone should or not. I was of the opinion that each person should do what they feel is “them”. Obviously, my opinion ended-up being opposite of the “body of the group”. lol.

5.) Anders, It is rumored that on the original recording of “Crowz”, the band’s unreleased second album that you were on, there were two untitled tracks, “Untitled 1” and “Untitled 2”. Did the band have proper names for these tracks when the album was ready for release, if so what were they? By Gently

I haven’t heard that recording since we recorded it, so I have no idea which songs those were. They DID have names, though.

6.) What would a typical set list be? By predacious

Oh shit. I’ll try to remember….Slipknot, Gently without the intro, T&Torn, The Me Inside, Carve, Do Nothing, May 17th, Windows, Prosthetics, and a 20 minute version of Heartache & A Pair of Scissors. Sometimes, we’d do Killers Are Quiet instead.

7.) If I remember correctly, the song ‘Windows’ was about putting pieces of people in jars, is that right? If not what was it about? By Stubs

It was about collecting the “spiritual essence” of people. Sometimes, that included flesh. Actually, more often than not.

8.) What did you do onstage to make the live shows visually entertaining? By Affliction

Destroyed metal 50 gallon drums with steel rods. I also cut myself up with razor blades during “Carve” or “Scissors” until after the Dotfest 1 concert

9.) In the back of the MFKR booklet, it says something about “Track 10”. Well, there is no Track 10… What song was that supposed to be? By Belseblood

That was either: Part of Me, or Fur. We pulled them off the CD at the last minute.

10.) What are your opinions on the new Slipknot’s music (like or dislike)? By Lord

I’ve moved on in my musical interests since then, so it actually bores me. I would have loved it back when I was in my early 20’s. I’ve just “grown out” of it. No big deal. I’m more into stuff like Down, QOTSA, Clutch, and so on.

11.) Once slipknot is all and done , can we expect you to work with any of the members musically? By MFKR1

I’ve talked with Mick about doing a Body Pit reunion………..Mick smiled evilly back at me, while stroking his goatee’……….

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