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Name: Paul Dedrick Gray
Nickname: The Pol, Ballz
Born: April 8th – died on May 24th 2010
Instrument: Bass
Mask: His mask is pig face mask made by Gerard Enterprises and modified by a friend of the band. He had leather straps put on it and a lock in the nose (a merit cigarette keychain). It represents his indulgent personality.

First band- 1989- 1991: VeXX
Josh from Slipknot was guitarist/singer
Paul from Slipknot was bassist
Anders was drummer
Second band- 1991- 1993: Inveigh Catharsis
Same lineup as above
Third band- 1993- 1995: Body Pit
Mick: guitar (Slipknot)
Donnie Steele (original Slipknot guitarist)
Danny Spain- drums (DeadFront)
Paul: Bass (Slipknot)
Anders: Vocals
Fourth band- 1994: Anal Blast
Paul: Bass
Joey: Drums
Fifth band- 1995 – 2010: Slipknot

“One of my best friends. He’s the one person in that band who deserves success the most. Kind-hearted guy, but vicious when pushed. Although his work on the self-titled album was great, his true skills can only be heard on Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. where he experimented and played some funky riffs.” – Anders Colsefni