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M666: What year did you join Slipknot ?
Josh: Late August 1995

M666: What year did you leave Slipknot ?
Josh: Late January 1999

M666: What is your personal favorite Slipknot song ?
Josh: Sic

M666: What is your favorite OAPH song to play live?
Josh: The Flood

M666: Do you still know all the Slipknot members?, and if you do, who do you talk to and spend time with the most ?
Josh: Yes.. only one I havent seen in a long while is Jim- I have probably spent the most time with Craig, Clown and
Paul- though I have been hanging with Corey quite a little bit lately.

M666: What’s your favorite band ?
Josh: Kiss (Slayer close 2nd)

M666: What do you think of Aaron Peltz ?
Josh: Aaron rules, I’m happy to have him… it is working out better than I could have hoped for.
I can’t believe the two of us haven’t been in a band together until now.

M666: What kinda guitar do you play ?,and is it the same type you used while you were a guitarist for Slipknot ?
Josh: I played mostly Jacksons in Sk (though I played an Ibanez Iceman on MFKR). Now I’m more into
old school classic’s… been playing the shit out of my Gibson SG’s (Both gifts from JaS) and
my Gibson Flying V. Those guitars just feel so much more natural to me.

M666: Would you like to be in Slipknot now ?
Josh: I’m not going to answer that question on the grounds that it may incriminate me. 😉

M666: Why did you choose to have a black bondage mask when you were playing guitar for Slipknot ?
Josh: Not really sure… it just kind of happened… I wanted to be all black I guess.

M666: Do you still have the bondage mask ??
Josh: I think somewhere… not sure.

M666: Why did you choose the number 4 ? is that number somehow related to you ?
Josh: I rounded out the four that were the basis for the group (guitars, bass, drum kit)- Also the
same as my fav band Kiss.

M666: How many members have the MFKR album ?
Josh: I have no idea.

M666: What is “Crowz” ?
Josh: I’ve heard accounts of this that were different than what I remember… so no comment.

M666: How many members are in OAPH ? and what are their names ?
Josh: Glad you asked: 🙂
Aaron Peltz- Lead Vocals
JaS Spargur- Guitars
Jeremy Easley- Bass
Josh Brainard- Guitars, Vocals
Nick Svoboda- Drums

M666: What were some of your influences growing up?
Josh: Kiss, Slayer, Metallica, Motley Crue, Anthrax, Kansas, Duran Duran, Testament… too
many to name.

M666: What was your first job ?
Josh: Picking pumpkins when I was 14…. don’t ask.

M666: Do you have a name for the OAPH cd ? or is it going to be selftitled ?
Josh: No idea at this point.

M666: Did you record all of the Slipknot s/t cd, or just some of the songs ?
Josh: Pretty well known fact… I did all of the songs but Purity.

M666: How old are you now?
Josh: Old enough to know better. 😉

M666: What is your favorite drink ?
Josh: Hmmm.. depends on my mood…. Miller High Life or Captain and Diet.

M666: What is your favorite movie ?
Josh: IMPOSSIBLE question. Can’t even start.

M666: Do you have a favorite video-game ?
Josh: Resident Evil series… I like FPS’s also… Unreal Tournament being one.

M666: What is your opinion on Craig Jones #5 ?
Josh: I have known Craig since 1989- we have been pretty good friends since 1992. Can’t say
a bad word about the guy. He is one of the best friends I have ever had.

M666: Was there ever a member in Slipknot called Brandon ?,because there is so little info about him
Josh: VERY briefly before Fehn joined. He did the August 98 show at the Ranchbowl that everyone has the video
bootleg of… that was his only show, and my last. Brandon is now in To My Surprise with

M666: Did you write any songs for Slipknot ?
Josh: There are all sorts of “Josh Influence” in many of the songs from vocal parts to riffs
to little guitar parts here and there. None of the Slipknot recordings (including Iowa… they
borrowed my guitar head) would have sounded the same as they do today if I had not been a part.

M666: Do you write any songs for OAPH ?
Josh: Actually extensively more than I did in Sk. Its more of a group effort. I think we
write better together.

M666: Why did you join Slipknot in the first place ?
Josh: Guys were all friends of mine, music was different, I liked the mask idea- No surprise
since Kiss is my favorite band.

M666: How many members recorded MFKR ?
Josh: 6… Don, Paul, Shawn, Anders, Joey, and myself.

M666: When you joined Slipknot,did you know all the members ?
Josh: Yup… quite well, actually.

M666: Do you still know Quan Nong,or Donnie Steele (the ex-Slipknot guitarists) ?
Josh: I ran into Quan probably about a year ago at my club- he seemed to be doing good.
I hang out with Donnie alot. He comes to my parties, we see each other at shows…probably
at least once or twice a week.

M666: How would you describe Shawn “the Clown” Crahan ?
Josh: Definitely lives in his own mind… very artistic, highly motivated, salt of the earth.

M666: Do you and Anders Colsefni still hang out together ?
Josh: We never really “hung out” all that much… he keeps to himself… but I’m sure I will
see him a bunch when football season starts back up. 😉

M666: When you were playing at Hairy Mary’s with Slipknot,were you ever booed off the stage ?
Josh: Not that I can remember.

M666: On the selftitled album,are you on all the pictures or are you just on the cover?
Josh: Another pretty well known fact… only the cover shot.

M666: Are you happy today ?
Josh: More than I ever have been. 🙂

M666: Can you play anything else than guitar ?
Josh: I can play bass, drums, keyboard… essential rock instruments… guitar most proficiently.

M666: When is the OAPH cd going to be released ?
Josh: LOL… I get this question at least once anytime I go anywhere… to tell you the truth
I have no idea… hopefully by the end of this year though. We should have something for
all to sample soon.

M666: Do you see a future for OAPH ?
Josh: ABSOLUTLEY. We enjoy what we are doing and we all get along pretty well.
We are also completely opposite from all the music coming out now. Our sound could be described as
Kyuss and Clutch in a tag team wrestling match against Audioslave and Sabbath, with Sleep refereeing
and Down anouncing.

M666: Thank you Josh.
Josh: \m/

‘Interview by Finnur’