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Paul (Bass Guitar) –
Warwick Corvette Bass, Carvan Eden WT Head and Ampeg 8X10 Cab.

Josh (Rhythm Guitar) –
Guitars used (while in Slipknot) include a Black Ibanez Iceman, a blue Randy Rhoads Jackson V, and a Black Jackson Dinky reverse.

Craig (Samples) –
Yamaha controller, Yamaha PSR 720, Roland JP8000, AKAI MPC2000XL sampler, Nord Lead Synth or a Yamaha Crsx-7 for 74126000027 and other weird effects also heard in Tattered and Torn. Early on he used an apple laptop for onstage sampling.

(Guitar -early)
Gibson explorer.

Joey (Main Drums) –
Custom Orange County set and Zildijan cymbals on current tour. Also, he uses the Iron Cobra double-bass pedal.

Shawn (Percussion) –
Custom aircraft (titanium) material kegs on hydralic lifts. These were made by Shawn Crahan.

Mick (Lead Guitar) –
Recorded CD w/Jackson King V…uses a older Jackson DR3 as well as a Modded Ibanez. Dual EMG 81 pick-ups. Amps – Rackmounted Marshall 9200 power amp w/JMP-1 preamp. Various pedals including a Boss GT-3 and a ring modulator used in many songs. Various rack effects. Marshall cabs. More of a straightforward player. Mick uses Dunlop Jazz III picks.

Anders (Vocals and percussion) –
Standard MIC , Ludwig Snare Drum without the snares, 2 Ludwig Toms: :12″ and 14″, and an 18″ Ludwig floor tom