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First off, when did you start playing the guitar?
Josh: 1991

1. What are some your influences for your guitar style? – from The Grater Vayne (mfkrboard member)
Josh: The big 4 & Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani

2. Can you tell us a little bit about your gear? What sort of guitar do you play now and is it the same one you’ve used on the other records?
Josh: Ibanez Guitar with EMG 81 & 85. Hughes and Kettner Tri amp. Dunlop pedels

3. Do you play any other instruments besides the guitar?
Josh: Yes, I started out on Bass guitar then switched to guitar.

4. Do you like any other music genres than Rock/Metal? – from Opium (OOTP)
Josh: I like all kinds of music Jazz, Blues, etc…

5. What is your favorite Stone Sour track of all time?
Josh: Hell & Consequences

6. What is your favorite Stone Sour track to play live?
Josh: 30/30-150

7. Can I tickle you? – from Pyramid Head (mfkrboard moderator)
Josh: No

8. Have you known all the band members for long? Who have you been friends with the longest?
Josh: Shawn, we go way back.

9. What bands have you played in before SS and do you have any side project/s going on when you are off the road?
Josh: I’ll only played in Stone Sour , SuperEgo & Project X. On the side projects we’ll have to wait and see.

10. Favorite album of all time?
Josh: Metallica- Black Album

11. What is your Favorite alcohol beverage?
Josh: Miller Lite

12. Is working with Roy any different than working with Joel? What qualities does Roy bring into the group?
Josh: Yes, Roy brings a excitement in his play where Joel would lay back more.

13. Favorite movie of all time?
Josh: Rockstar

14. If you could be a smurf for a day would you rather spend it collecting and eating smurf-berries, or would you try to get into Smurfette’s panties?
Josh: Smurfette’s panties.

15. Can I buy a copy of the SuperEgo ‘Click Here to Exit’ album anywhere?
Josh: No

16. When will you guys come to Iceland and play?
Josh: I don’t know? Maybe this fall.

17. Weirdest fan experience?
Josh: Being ask if I can be tickled from Pyramid Head

18. Most fun thing you’ve done while on tour with SS besides playing live?
Josh: Just see the world. Meeting so many people and their cultures.

19. Worst live experience? (accidents,screw ups etc.)
Josh: Is when I can’t hear myself.

20. Is it true that Economaki built a real lifesize replica of R2D2?
Josh: Yes, it’s awesome.

21. Thanks you Josh for taking the time and answer these questions for us and good luck on tour!
Josh: See ya.

-Interview by Finnur/Master of Crowz of & (Feb 2011)