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Part Of Me

Once upon a time in the land of necks, where the streets are paved with hillbilly pricks.
If you don’t look the same, then you are fair game, but the wyld inside can never be tamed.

And it never will, so I still kill for the thrill.
Punk-ass motherfuckers die like that cause they never chill.
Blood on the ground and remains never found, poor fools – never knew what hit em.

And so the aforementioned fuckers tried to hit me in their four by four but they still didn’t get me.
Jumped through the air with their eight eyes on me, I stared back – then they wouldn’t face me.

Out of the window, I saw the shotgun.
At that moment, they thought that I’d run.
But it didn’t happen, so the necks were snappin as my wrath fell down upon them by the ton.

Die, Fuck, Die.


Spine crushed, motherfuckers dead.
Snap, crackle, pop drank from their head.
Quick turn, search for the three.
Disemboweled, made them part of me.

Part of.

Part of me.

You’ve become part of me.