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“The original slipknot lineup played “Rage”. Rage is a CCG (collectible card game, like “Magic”), in which players control tribes of Werewolves, or the Wyrm (werewolves transformed by darkness). Pentex, Bone Gnawers, and The Black Hand were three examples of tribes in rage. The characters (werewolves and wyrm) when hurt to a certain point, would shift into “crinos form”, in other words, a wolf or man transforming into werewolf form. Lastly, an option that players had was to “step sideways” into the umbra, into safety. Hope this clears things up with that song.” – CLAY ZAMPERELLI


Song Meanings by Anders Colsefni

Slipknot is about what parts of the dark world I particularly despise.
Gently is about stepping into the “Umbra” or “Spirit World”. It’s accomplished with the help of any reflective surface.
Do Nothing/Bitch Slap is about getting back at the Left-Wing for trying to take away our guns, and other personal freedoms.
Only One is from the viewpoint of a Garou who plays the part of the peacekeeper most of the time, only to be laughed at by his peers. Finally, he steps up and shows them he means business.
Tattered and Torn isn’t really about anything.
Confessions is a letter from a father to a son from whom he’s been separated for about 17 years. It arrives about the time of the boy’s first transformation.
Some Feel is basically the ranting of a “Leach”, or vampire. I personally hate them.
Killers Are Quiet is my personal favorite, it’s about a “Pale One”, which is a Garou that has been “embraced” by the Kindred.

I know I still left some words in there that you probably don’t understand, but you can do a little research! Go check out one of the White Wolf’s Werewolf: The Apocalypse books. You’ll then understand everything I say! Good luck, and happy hunting…… –AndersOUT