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What is your favorite Slipknot song to play live? Also, your favorite Stone Sour song to play live? (From: Sicness – MFKRboard member)

GBM: For Slipknot, it’s ‘Disasterpiece’. That song is so fucking frenetic, it’s stupid. It’s also in my opinion the perfect blend of everything the Knot does musically. For Stone Sour, that’s a toss-up between ’30/30-150′ and ‘Say You’ll Haunt Me’. One’s a barnstormer, the other’s an epic. ——————————————————————————-

When you first joined Slipknot did you wear the mask and priest costume straight away or did it take some time to get the right look for yourself in the band that made you feel comfortable (From: Random Hero UK aka David – MFKR1 admin)

GBM: When I first joined the band, I wore the priest outfit, but I was wearing black and white makeup and latex on my face. It quickly became apparent that the shit would instantly melt, so my first show was the only time I wore that. The mask quickly followed.


Is your attitude toward performances different for each band/project? (From: The Grater Vayne – MFKRboard member)

GBM: Hmm. A little. With SK, it’s very much letting go of anything that could be described as sanity. There’s a ferocity that really just takes hold, and you have to remind yourself not to rip your own head off and kick it in the crowd. With SS, it’s still very energetic, but I can show a little more of myself overall, not just the crazy shit. I can ham it up a bit and show the audience I’m really enjoying myself.


Corey, I’ve wanted to know this for a while now. Looking back to 1997 when you first joined the band and were swapping vocal duties with Colsefni, handling the clean vocals. How and when did you discover that you had this whole other voice, this deep gutteral scream that just fit Slipknot so perfectly? And looking back on those days, where did you practice and develop that voice? Did it take you long to get it up to the classic self-titled era scream that we all love so dearly? (From: Master of Crowz aka Finn – MFKR1 Admin)

Was Slipknot the first band you screamed in? I know some of the old Stone Sour stuff contains a bit of screaming but I’m talking the deep growls. (From: Finn)

Do you happen to remember the exact date you joined the band? (From: Finn)

GBM: It was really out of necessity. When I first joined the band, singing with Andy, I was going to handle the leads and he was going to do backups while playing drums; much like Clown and Fehn do today, that’s what the original plan was. I had already developed an aggressive style along with my melodic singing, but I was doing higher screaming to augment Andy’s deeper growls, which are so unbelievable. It wasn’t until Andy left that I had to develop the lower end of my scream index, which really cut my melodic range in half for a while. But with time, I got it together, I think haha. I don’t remember the exact date I was asked to join, or the subsequent tryout at SR Audio, but I remember my last show with SS was in July and my first show with SK was in August.


When you first joined slipknot, how long did it take you to find a mask you liked and where did you buy it from? (From: Yoshi4d – MFKRboard member)

GBM: Actually, Clown picked up my first mask for me. He grabbed an old crash test dummy mask and we flipped it inside out. Then when we put the crows dreads in my hair, we cut holes in it and pulled them out.


What life experience gave you the inspiration to write Wait and Bleed? (From: x9draven9x – MFKRboard member)

GBM: I’ve always been intrigued by the very thin, very blurry line that separates our animal self from our sentient thought. That song was a direct answer to a simple question: what would happen if you woke up in a room with a dead body?


Where does Corey Taylor see himself, in 5 years? In all facets of life, I mean. Musically, Personally, and otherwise professionally? (From: Pyramid Head – MFKRboard Global Mod)


When will you come around the MFKRboard again? We miss you here GBM. (From: Pyramid head also)

GBM: Haha I miss you guys too! Unfortunately I’m a little busier than I used to be. In 5 years? Shit, I have a bucket list, but for the most part just remaining relevant. I will always write music, so that’s a given. I’m already working on my new book. Clown and I are starting a film production company. Both bands will write new albums. I really want to get into acting. You know… anything under the sun haha.


Has your attitude toward the music industry changed since the Heretic Anthem? (From: Prosthetic William – MFKRboard member)

GBM: Nope. In fact, the music industry has basically become everything I predicted it would be: McDonalds with contracts and leather pants. The wizards in charge always blame downloading for the state of music. I blame the music for the state of fucking downloading. Who wants to risk hard-earned money on a piece of shit album?


Why did the modern day Slipknot “hide” everything from the 96-98 era? (From: Jim Fear – MFKRboard member)

GBM: I don’t think it’s being hidden. I think it’s being saved for a rainy day. Could be tomorrow…


Would u ever consider releasing your 97 slipknot demos like Anders is doing? (From: xxleftbehindxx – MFKRboard member)

GBM: Sure. Anything is possible. But to me, we’re still a current band. That’s something I’d like to do a little further down the line.


Why did you change your old mask to the new mask through the last 2011 shows? Was it unconfortable? On the first shows you changed it between Wait and Bleed and The Blister Exists, but then you made the whole shows with the AHIG mask. (From: Gorak – MFKRboard member)

GBM: Honestly, I had to change it because it didn’t fit right and I couldn’t sing through. You can have the coolest mask on the planet, but if you’re the lead singer and you can’t sing, what’s the point? Trust me- I really wanted the old school mask to work. But to me, function will always win over fashion.


Corey, you’ve got two highly succesful bands, you’ve just had a fantastic solo tour (which unfortunatly NO UK dates were anunced- this makes me sad Corey, very sad), not to mention your book, have you any more plans to write another book or tour out in the UK solo or with Slipknt or Stone Sour? (From: nymphetamine_girl2 – MFKRboard member)

GBM: I’m working on my new book right now, and the next solo tour I do will absolutely be in the UK, as well as Europe. And I know both bands will try to get back there ASAP.


How many fan made Slipknot masks does Corey own and does he have any fav’s? (From: AGOTHINNCLOTH – MFKRboard member)

GBM: I have a few, but most have been lost tragically. But I have kept a few more terrifying ones. I keep them out of Griff’s reach.


What situation of your life describes the song “The Shape”? And provided you to have written it. (From: The Shape – MFKRboard member)

GBM: ‘The Shape’ was inspired by one of the deepest depressions I’ve ever felt, made worse by the fact that I did nothing to help myself for 5 years. It’s a tell-all from the inside of the cocoon.


Are you looking forward to the new material PAINFACE will be releasing in 2012? (From: Revelation – MFKRboard member)

GBM: Absolutely. They are a fantastic band, and they have one of the most unique voices fronting them. I can’t fucking wait.


Hello Corey from Peru, About the dreads of your first 2 masks (scarecrow and crash dummy). Did you make them yourself or someone helped you? Were the scarecrow dreads the same dreads as from your original crash dummy mask? The ones made from your real hair that you cut off eventually? (From: Tyto – MFKRboard member)

GBM: I used the same dreads for as long as I could before they deteriorated. The originals were real hair. The replacements were not haha.


Wouldja just look at that? (From: LadyFace – Elite 1337 MFKRboard member)

GBM: I wish you were here. I’d tell ya ‘Look at this!!’


Out of all the SlipKnoT songs,Which ones are the MOST Personal to you Corey? – (From: SICMAGGOT4LIFE – MFKRboard member)

GBM: ‘Snuff’, definitely. ‘Diluted’. Both ‘Vermilion’ versions.


Would you ever do another concert with Anders Colsefni? Is there any chance we would see you guys back together on stage ever again? (From: DoGfIsHrIsInG – MFKRboard member)

GBM: Dude, I would love to jam with Andy. We’ll just have to see what happens.


Hey Corey. I am your biggest fan Anyway. Have you even been asked to do a reality show? I think you should. If Ozzy did one, you should do one. Make it real though. Don’t be fake like the Kardashian dipshits. (From: vickibrady12 – MFKRboard member)

GBM: I’ve turned down so many offers, it’s not funny. The problem with ‘reality TV’ is there is absolutely nothing real about it. Too many producers making fake shit ‘real’.


What is your opinion on Your version of the song ‘Windows’? (From: CornWallace – MFKRboard moderator)

GBM: I like it. It was before I started making the songs my own, but I liked it a lot.


Hey Corey, My question is,

Which of your own vocal styles do you like the most in Slipknot? Self Titled , IOWA, Vol.3, or All hope is gone. I perfer the Self titled and IOWA voice personally .

Thanks, (From: Mike Covert – MFKRboard member)

GBM: To be honest, I’ll always love what I did in the past, but I don’t allow myself to spend a lot of time there. Where I am today is closest to All Hope so That’s where I am.


Corey, Has Slipknot ever thought about playing in Alaska? Like in Anchorage? Maybe you guys could play some songs that haven’t been played in awhile like Scissors or Only One. (From: TheRedRocks – MFKRboard member)

GBM: I’m working on getting up there. Just a matter of time.


Hello Corey. Will Slipknot or Stone Sour ever come to Iceland? We’ve had Metallica,Maiden,Korn,Rammstein and more bands come to play here and each one of those concerts was sold out. Your bands are very popular here, think about it champ (From: Ringfinger – MFKRboard moderator)

GBM: Again- working on it.


What kind of preparing ritual do you go through to play every show? Has it changed since the old days? – (From: TheLatexMask – MFKRboard member)

GBM: My warmup hasn’t changed. If I’m well, I just start singing to find the walls of my range. If I’m sick, I find out what I can and can’t do and go from there.


Corey, What advice, if any, would you give to the Corey Taylor of 1999, and what advice, if any, do you think the Corey of 1999 would give to the current you? (From: Inked – MFKRboard member)

GBM: I would tell my younger self to avoid certain mistakes and quit drinking while you’re ahead. And I’m sure my younger self would tell me to go fuck myself.


Did you write the song ‘Faux Pax’ off the 1996 Stone Sour demo about a drug overdose? (From: Master of Crowz aka Finn – MFKR1 Admin)

GBM: No. It was about a friend’s overdose. Good pick up- no one’s ever figured that out.


Another mask question, How did you attach the dreadlocks to your first mask? (Crash test dummies mask) (From: T-600 – MFKRboard member)

GBM: Glue. And prayer.


Will there be more old demo songs recreated on the new stone sour album? (From: Nahema – MFKRboard member)

GBM: Probably not. We have plans for those. And we’re writing great new material right now.



Last Question – From

‘How do you envision the year 2012 for CMFT? Is the world gonna end or what?’

GBM: I think the Mayans will rise again… and laugh their asses off at us dipshits. For me, another busy year full of ridiculous opportunity. This year… anything fucking goes.


Thank you Corey, for taking the time and doing this for us. We highly appreciate it!

-Staff of and

SPECIAL THANKS To Ladyface for making this all possible! You jam some serious clam! \m/