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Former Staff:

Ronan aka MFKR1 (Founder)
Ronan started the mfkr1 website back in 1999 after noticing that after the self-titled album was released the album “Mate Feed Kill Repeat” was no longer acknowledged. With basic knowledge of html the first mfkr site was constructed at The site got its first big break when contacted by Anders Colsefni, who gave some kind words of encouragement. From there forward the mfkr site began to establish itself against a multitude of slipknot websites. With the aid of designer “Tyler Henderson”, the site acquired the domain for FREE off Namezero and thus the journey began.

David Pritt / RHUK – Administrator
Finnur – Administrator
Jake aka Pyramid Head – Global Moderator
The Grater Vayne – Global Moderator
Interlooper – Global Moderator
ZzkongzZ – Mod and other assistance
Sicness – mod
Ladyface – Photography

Although MFKR1 stopped being actively updated in 2018, you can contact us at trade @ with any new confirmed information for content corrections.